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There are 2 types of drop shipping

The one the smart people do  and the one the not so smart people do.

The one the smart people do makes them $3000-$6000 per month.

The one the not so smart people do makes me $0. Except for a few who already have audiences. They can make  $3000-$5000

What is the difference?

The drop shipping that not so smart people do is they sign up for Shopify, they choose one of their drop shippers and then they try to create an entire business from scratch. Meanwhile, they are paying at least $30 a month to Shopify. And 9 out of 10 times they don’t have any customers because no one knows about their online store.  They don’t market their store and quite frankly they don’t want or have the drive it takes to grow a business from scratch.

The second option and real way of drop shipping is taking an item from location and simply posting it in another location for a higher price. This is the real way drop shippers make money. 

Sites like Shopify took the thought of  1.People wanting to own their own business and  2. Drop shipping being popular and they created a façade making people think they earn big with an online drop shipping store. The truth is yes you can but it would literally take months just to bring in $300-$500 a month. 

But using the real way of drop shipping, you don’t have to build an audience. You are simply placing a popular product in front of another audience.

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