Push Your Business Don't Pause it.

During this time many business owners are wondering what do I do now?  Are people going to buy from me? Will I make it through this storm?

It is easy to say let's pause for now. But marketing doesn't quite work like that. You won't be able to pick back up where you left off, because chances are someone else (your competition) will gladly take your place.

So instead of pausing, you should use this time to PUSH your business. This can mean many things but the biggest thing it means is thinking outside the box.

A local restaurant owner could have easily closed ship as many have done. Or they could do what everyone else is doing offering pickup orders for takeout. But instead, this business owner thought outside the box. Parents are home with their families, how about creating a kit that they can take home and make together. They get to make beautiful memories, but most importantly, they will make memories while eating my authentic amazing food. Therefore, creating an emotional attachment to my brand and a lifetime fan.

So don't pause, push. Use this time to be creative, use this time to connect with your audience in ways that you haven't before, but most importantly use this time to create and develop marketing strategies that are outside the box. 

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