You Need Customers


The first step, is creating or rebuilding your  website that brings YOUR customers to you. From the first page to the last and everything in between, your website needs to be search engine ready. That means search engines like Google will able to understand everything that you offer and therefore, they will promote your services to potential customers who are already searching for you. Your website should showcase your work and services. 

Secondly, a big focus is providing social proof. Customers usually don't purchase frombusinesses they haven't heard of. Consequently, it is crucial for your business to have a good reputation with good reviews. So I update you Google Listing, Yelp and all other locations where individuals have reviewed you. But when it comes to hair pictures are the best proof!

Social Media is like the mall. It's a place where people gather. Anytime there's large groups of people, there's big opportunities to create sales. That is why, my third step is making sure your social media is ready for potential customers. I helped many businesses tackle Facebook and Instagram and grow their pages. After all, this where you will showcase your work and truly get 60% of your customers. 

Finally,  now that we have your business looking good to potential customers, it's time to invite them.  The fourth step is marketing. I utilize Social media, Google ads, SEO, and other marketing tools to get the word out about your business.  

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