Web Design


What I Do

It's not just what a website looks like. Of course that's important. But you want  a website that performs. You need your website to reach more customers, interest them, and instruct them to move forward.

What I do is create and design your website with Google in mind. After all that is how most customers will find your website. Next, I make sure it has all the bells and whistles to engage customers. Slides, videos, and most of all creativity. And lastly, I make sure your website is fully optimized. Meaning, that is working at it's best for you. I do this by including tools like pop ups and lead captures to ensure we get emails from prospective customers for future marketing campaigns. 

Successful websites rank well, attract visitors and compel them to take action and convert into leads or customers. They guide visitors, help them become informed, trusting and move them to act. Your website should be easy to use, easy to update and a powerful source of demand. I build sites that are secure and built on latest versions of open source content management systems. My sites are designed to provide long term results. With analytics that tell you what your visitors are doing over time so that you can optimize content to yield high conversion. With each website I create, I use strong content that can effectively  attract and influence the right people. This will successfully target your visitors and increase conversions. 

What's Included


  • 3-5 Pages                                                                           
  • Domain 
  • Professional Email 
  • SEO and Keywords
  • Online Store (optional)
  • Website Architecture
  • Website Content
  • Online Presence
  • Is It Location-Tailored?
  • Online Reputation
  • Desired Keywords and Difficulty
  • Current Ranking for Keywords
  • Time Frames
  • Internal Links
  • Back Links

Ready to get some customers? 

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