Case Studies

Hair Business 

My passion has always been Hair. As a woman I know how a hairstyle can change your look, boost your confidence, and redefine how you feel about yourself. 

While my passion is hair, my skill is MARKETING. I've helped many salons scale, open new salons, and dominate their city. 

The first step was creating a website for the client. While that was great it was nothing compared to what would happen once I began using her social media page with INTENT. Evelyn's Beauty Salon offered something new and different, that no other salon in the City offered. A Dominican Blowout. I had never heard of it and neither had a lot of people just like me. I began taking pictures of before and after and created ads. I targeted women within a 20 mile radius of each populated area within the city. Her social media page blew up and her salon was booked to the max! 

Within less than one year of working with me she was able to open another salon on the opposite side of the city. Business is Booming and her website now receives over 2k visits per month! 

Clients Visitors before we began working with them.

After 6 Months 
Jewelry Business

This client was able to get almost 1000 orders in one month using Facebook ads. And made 100k from January to April 2020.

Online Clothing Store

This client made over $5000 her 2nd month working with me using Facebook Ads, and my marketing strategy.


Client was able to get new clients in just 4 days made over 1k using Facebook Ads

Client sold her $175 course and made over  $1k in less than a week using Facebook Ads.

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