Need Customers. hEre's 5 Tips to help you reach them. 

First, you need a website. You need a place online where potential customers can find you. Yes, Facebook is nice, but you need a place where you are in full control of everything. With Facebook anyone can leave bad reviews or just like Myspace was a big thing years ago, Facebook too can vanish. 

If you have a website you need to make sure it is fully optimized to work hand in hand with search engines like Google. Secondly, you need to make sure you have opt-ins that capture emails so you can start an email marketing campaign. Every business needs a way to stay in touch with potential customers. 

You will have to advertise your business. Advertise simply means tell others. If they don't know about your business how can you expect them buy from you. Even Mcdonald's uses advertisements. You can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or local marketing. 

You need Testimonials! Most buyers will not purchase unless they know of you. So use previous customers to tell other customers "it's okay, you can trust them."

Take advantage of Social Media. Social Media is like a park or a Walmart, people gather there and anywhere there are large groups of people it is opportunity for a sale. 

If you have a Social Media and it's not working for you it's time to create a different approach. 

You can create partnerships with customers and local businesses. Offering a referral program will prompt customers to tell others about your services. If you own a restaurant, you offer local businesses a discount why because they have to eat every day and there customers have to eat everyday, why not eat at your restaurant. You can use this method for almost any business industry. 

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